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View Diary: Gaza is Burning--Right Now!! (734 comments)

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    that is not 'another side to this'. this is people in love with violence, with several orders of magnitude more strength than the people they've already been oppressing for decades, beating the living shit of people who's lives mean nothing to them.

    you can't call this wholesale indiscriminate slaughter a response to Hamas. no logic supports that conclusion by now. this is love of violence. any excuse to make more. any excuse.

    oh no! they tried to fight back!!! better kill another THOUSAND PEOPLE. people who support this actual, ongoing slaughter are sick. Hamas' desire to kill Israelis (and it is just that, words with no actual ability to execute them) is awful. what Israel is doing now is much, much worse, because it is actually happening. they are the ones doing the killing. and they project their own barbarism more and more onto people who can't do anything but get blown up or run from bombs or missiles all around them.

    Shout golden shouts!

    by itsbenj on Mon Jul 28, 2014 at 07:09:01 PM PDT

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