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  •  I sometimes feel this way, too. BUT. (16+ / 0-)

    We can't let this argument control our ability to dialogue. Some of the Tea folks were once more reasonable. Some might be again. Sure, there's always been a nut fringe, and there always will be.

    But we cannot just write off everyone the opposition touches. The Republican Party, even the TPM, it's not some zombie plague that renders people into monsters forevermore. They're still our neighbors, our countrymen, and sometimes our friends and family.

    Our political landscape has an illness, and curing it will require some measure of functionality from the other side of the aisle, too. If for no other reason that, pragmatically, sometimes Democrats fuck up gloriously (being humans, and all) and lose elections to whoever the other candidate is. And we're all still in trouble as long as the other candidate is Crazy McCrazypants.

    •  I have the opposite view. This problem results (18+ / 0-)

      from the attitude that "they're still our neighbors, our countrymen, our friends and family."

      It is time for good people to refuse to countenance bad ideas. I am actively cutting off friends and family. Period. And they are aghast. Why? Because they've never been challenged before, certainly not inside their little bubble.

      Everyone has been polite. Tolerant. Accepting. "We'll agree to disagree, and let's move on."

      The time for that is over.

      We as the rational, moral part of the public need to stand up and say "No, I will not maintain a relationship with someone that thinks and acts as you do. Our relationship is over until you are different or we are dead."

      We need to stand up, not sit down, and address right wing lunatics the same way we address skinhead Neo-Nazis. "Forget it. I'm not even talking to you; everything about you is abhorrent and immoral to me right now. I pray your side does not win, and I'll be fighting on the other one. Good day, and don't call."

      -9.63, 0.00
      "Liberty" is deaf, dumb, and useless without life itself.

      by nobody at all on Tue Jul 29, 2014 at 08:52:55 AM PDT

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    •  They can really get under my skin (3+ / 0-)
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      Penny GC, Redmond Ryan, Crashing Vor

      Listening to their rants.  But I think you're right that we shouldn't totally shut them out.  It is better to keep trying from time to time.

      With some folks it may be best not to get them going - especially in a setting where they get to have an audience to feed.  And some may just be too hard to deal with, so until they show signs of changing, for our own sanity, avoidance is a good option.

      I had parents who leaned pretty hard right for years.  My sister and I kept working on them, and they gradually shifted left.  But I guess they never qualified as being in the Jesus Freak category.

      A guy at work definitely is, though.  Occasionally he claims he's willing to take input and wants to know the truth.  He wasn't willing to listen to the other side a few years ago.  So, there's always a chance folks will change.

      Still trying to figure it all out

      by CindyV on Tue Jul 29, 2014 at 01:50:50 PM PDT

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    •  It's important to recognize (1+ / 0-)
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      Crashing Vor

      that nowhere in the dominant political spectrum was authentic room made for public fury over banksterism.  In fact, right here at Dailykos we had quite a little regiment runninfg arounbbd  reviling every criticism of TARP money being used to pay executive bonuses.  And that's here, on a site of what is allegedly "actively progressive".  How much moreso was it in the general society?

      Right-wing operatives were astute enough to note this political vacuum, and quickly rushed to fill it with a pre-fab, pseudo-populist movement, that took shape as Tea.  To this day, the liberal and Democratic elements of the establishment have failed utterly to take advantage of the political openings on the left that banksterism created.  At this point, it's probably too late.  Don't be angry at those who turned to what was available to express their frustration.  Put the onus where it belongs, on the corporate center-right that passes itself off as an American "left" for utterly failing to turn the 2008-2009 period into a genuinely progressive teachable moment.  

      The adamant refusal of the Democrats to act when they controlled all the chambers, accompanied by the only incoming administration I've seen in my now fairly long life that refused to acknowledge and exploit the "honeymoon" period, made the Dems and American liberalism generally useless in the face of the greatest plundering of American society in my life, quite possibly in our history as a nation.  Don't blame the little people for going where it seemed, even briefly, possible to react in opposition.  Don't want future Tea Parties?  Be willing to offer meaningul populist alternatives to the social and political dominance of big money.  As long as the liberals and Dems are the totally loyal and submissive agents of the hegemony of Capital, Tea Parties will result.

      Pay no attention to the upward redistribution of wealth!

      by ActivistGuy on Tue Jul 29, 2014 at 04:50:07 PM PDT

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