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    What do these jerks do? They want to bombard the Atlantic Coast with SONIC CANNONS. This will Kill the Whales and Dolphins in a very painful way. If they are close it will burst their ear drums.
    No, it won't kill the whales and dolphins.

    A seismic survey does produce sound that, if an animal were right next to it, could produce injuries and even death, however, and here's the important part of that phrase: "right next to it".

    The normal way of conducting a seismic survey is when you start a seismic line the ship spends up to an hour or more slowly ramping up the power on the airgun, specifically to provide a warning to animals in the immediate vicinity about the noise, and then it starts moving, with the full-power shots providing plenty of warning so animals can avoid the ship. And in many places the requirements are to have observers on the ship so that if, for some reason, the animals aren't moving away the survey stops.

    In order to Kill the Whales and the Dolphins in a very painful way, the dolphins and whales would have to first ignore the slowly ramping up noise, then actively approach it, even though it is becoming increasingly painful as they approached the airgun array, and then continue on even as they were suffering injuries to themselves.

    This isn't like military sonar where the emitter does sneak up and suddenly makes a full-power burst, this is a technology where it's the very opposite of sneaking and gives the animals plenty of warning.

    The one group of animals that do have a problem are very slow moving or immobile bottom dwellers which can, when they are under the array, suffer damage. But in decades of use, it's been demonstrated it can be used quite easily and without lasting harm to the environment.

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