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View Diary: McDonald's is responsible for working conditions in franchise restaurants, labor board says (79 comments)

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  •  Of Course They're Responsible (4+ / 0-)

    And when you see the same practices at various franchises, that suggests these practices are being taught at the actual (and very real) "Hamburger University."  McD's thought they could get around it by arguing individual owners have individual practices, but we know it all comes from one source, so, yes, it's on them.  Plus, they profit from each franchise, so they're responsible.  These corporations make really bad citizens, don't they?  No sense of responsibility or collective good, no social contract, no social conscience.  Good for the NLRB!  

    But is this the same NLRB that was put in place through recess appointments and ruled illegitimate by the Supreme Court?  If so, I think we have a problem making this stick, since the corporations have been arguing that they lack legitimate authority having been put in place "illegally."  Another loophole...

    I like that quote: I'll believe corporations are people when I see Texas execute one.  

    Keep up the good fight, workers of America!

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