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    •  Oddly enough, I’ve always thought that (4+ / 0-)
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      side pocket, wader, FarWestGirl, Aunt Pat

      German, depending on the speaker, was often much more mellifluous than the commonly heard Romance languages.

      Speaking of compositional transparency, one of the warning signs in the video contains the interesting compound Elektrofischscheuchanlage, i.e.,

      (Like installation, Anlage is also a compound, but I’m interested here only in the top level.)

      This is an installation that in some way uses electricity to shoo fish away from some place, so the construction is pretty transparent, right?  Yes, provided that you realize that it’s an

      Might it not instead be an
      that keeps out electric eels, electric catfish, and other electric fish?

      Well, yes, it could be: in principle the compound is ambiguous and therefore not perfectly transparent after all.  Its correct interpretation really does depend on context and common sense.

      Actually, I kind of like the idea of an Elektrofisch ‘electrofish’.  And now I’m imagining an electrofish shoe-installation that makes makes shoes for neon Darwin fish.

      Ain’t linguistics fun?

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