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View Diary: $5 To Learn The Exact Day of Jesus' Return! Deal Or What? (34 comments)

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  •  wouldn't another color job or maybe a rinse (5+ / 0-)

    cover this guy's roots?

    I ran across this recently: a fool and his money are not only parted but usually parted for something totally ridiculous.  This seems especially true for the overtly religious.

    Consider this foolishness where Alabama officials claim that they are not governed by federal laws on pollution:
    Yep, God put the coal in the ground (note: no dino was harmed in the production of this divine coal) so the state has the right to use it as it pleases as it is part of God's Eternal Divine Plan.  I mean it is God given; how dare the feds try to take away something God gave them.  (BTW, God came by and told me He was giving me the contents of Fort Knox.  I will be by tomorrow to pick up my stuff according to God's Eternal Divine Plan)  

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