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    I have a friend who has a long list of serious issues, including  fibromyalgia, a skin condition, IBD, etc., on Medicaid.   She was experiencing horrible pain, to the point of having to call the cops to watch her kids because she had to go to the ER for excruciating pain.   At the ER, they treated her like dirt on the theory she was seeking drugs.   Medicaid never would get her an appointment, and when they did, she had no one to watch her kids for the four hour ordeal, she couldn't drive due to her seizure disorder, and/or she didn't have the twenty dollars she had to pay at the appointment or to buy gas to get there.  Finally, the chief of medicine of the hospital where she had to go to the ER became aware of her situation and got her an appointment, where they found the enormous tumor in her abdomen and finally got her a surgical consult to removed it.   Without that stroke of luck, she'd still be waiting.  Or, she might be dead.   She recently had a heart attack.

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