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    Republicans are totally a product of their masters who have vastly more wealth and power from the Bushco era that continues on FOX and SCOTUS.  Dems play a money-lite game pretending to be for people, but needing the fat cat money and doing its bidding.  The vast "security" complex Bush left added to the MIC is running Obama.  He is not running it.  Kennedy learned that lesson the hard way.  We have been "illegal" since Eisenhower if we were legal then.  It is especially hard to live in a world where words mean nothing especially from Speaker Boehner who makes a mockery of the US.  He and his friends have destroyed enough to make us vulnerable both to our enemies outside and inside the nation.  That is probably the plan for the fat cats to take total control for their extractions and power.  Even the fat cats may be vulnerable due to the carnage they have wrecked on the world starting with the Middle East and maybe Russia.

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