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View Diary: The law President Obama did not faithfully execute (230 comments)

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  •  So who is the worse? (4+ / 0-)

    A philosophical discussion about who is worse the people who committed the crime or the people who ignored is just a bunch of crap. Throughout history there are many examples of good people ignoring what they shouldn't.  I personally think it is a waste of effort criminalizing the many people who have stood by while others committed horrible crimes.  Are they cowards?  Yes. However,  I would much rather spend time, money and energy making sure the actual criminals are punished.  Most of Europe stood by and watch their law abiding Jewish neighbors being dragged off to concentration camps as did their elected leaders. As with them it will be history that will decides if President Obama did or did not do the right thing when he did not immediately pursue prosecution of the Bush Administration. What is clear to me, is it is still not too late and if there is enough demand from the public it will happen.  

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