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  •  Hypocrisy (0+ / 0-)

    I've been saying this since Obama was elected. Not only hasn't the Obama White House and Holder's DOJ not pushed either an investigation or a conviction they both gave immunity to all the CIA torturers immunity from prosecution with that old unlawful excuse that they were only following orders. Remember what the Nuremberg Trials said about that? And to make matters worse They didn't go after the people who gave those orders as well.

    And Obama broke another promise when he said we would never torture again. The CIA has compounds where this torture continues under the Obama Administration. And just what does force feeding people who have committed no crimes and yet are still being kept in dog kennels 12 years after they were kidnapped from their own countries accomplish? It is just another from of torture in the guise of saving lives. That makes Obama just as oblivious to what torture is as Bush and Cheney!

    This is what is so galling about the Conservatives, they have real issues they could take Obama to task for and yet they make up lies. And the reason is, tho they would never admit it, that they like and agree with what he is doing however illegal and immoral it may be!

    •  When Ford Pardoned Nixon (0+ / 0-)

      it really didn't change the fact that he was a traitor. History is the final Judge & Ford pardoned a traitor so that the country itself was not dragged down by his crime. Obama has a similar but more murky duty in this case. The country is closer to an out & out civil war that we dare admit. The rich now feel that their position is so unassailable that they will push on foolishly until the right circumstances put them back in their place. If not America joins many other seemingly bright hopes on the scrap heap of history. If so the rest of the world will snicker, not weep.

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