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  •  I can blame only so much of this on the President. (1+ / 0-)
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    I think he is wrong, and I don't think that the Administrative branch should be able to censor a Senate report or run roughshod over our democracy, but it is the Congress that has abrogated much of its authority and given it to the Executive branch by continuing the overreach of the Patriot Act. The same principle is at work with the TPP.

    The people's power is vested in the Congress, and it is Congressional power that has been steadily eroded, particularly where the general citizen is concerned, except where it benefits the Executive branch, which explains why military spending passes without much debate while social programs are cut or discontinued.

    The Presidency is not as important as we are led to believe. In fact, the Presidency has been used as a smokescreen, which is why the Republicans make a sideshow of the Presidency whenever there is a Democratic president.

    It is the Congress that must be watched and held to account, because they are more responsible for giving away our rights than anyone. They could even curtail the abuses of drones and the NSA, among other things, by the current administration if they so choose. The question is why they don't. That is supposed to be their job. While we would like to hold the President solely responsible, he is not. The Republicans have had no problem in withholding funds for the ACA, but why haven't they done the same thing for the drones, for example? Why haven't more of the Democrats in the Congress made more of a push back against them? Most likely because not enough people are reminding them. The indifference of the average citizen is the biggest part of the problem. The sad thing is that so many people think that their opinion doesn't matter, and the real difficulty is helping them to realize that it does.

    The results of this is that more of the power is being concentrated into the Presidency, and this is not a good thing. I believe that candidate Obama was sincere, and I think that what has happened since he became President should be a warning to us.

    For all its theatrics, Boehner's stunt is not intended to inflict any real damage to the actual power of the Presidential office, which is why he didn't pick an issue like torture to prosecute. It is just a pre-election sideshow meant to insure the Tea Party goes to the polls rather than sitting the election out because some of their extreme candidates lost the primaries.

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