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View Diary: Strange bedfellows indeed: Lessig/Mayday PAC and right-wing extremist Jim Rubens (47 comments)

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  •  Which explains rather a lot, I think. (3+ / 0-)

    Really? You call this sensationalism thinking? FOX news has a job for you.

    You're entire premise here is Rubens stance on right wing issues.  MayDayPac is non partisan, and makes no stance on these issues, deferring them to majority will at the voting booth.

    That Rubens is the ONLY GOP candidate that is pro reform, a fact you conveniently ignored, and that MayDayPac is only supporting him in a Primary race, not General election against Shaheen, is another detail you omitted.

    Lastly, the money MayDayPac will spend on Rubens Primary race will be exclusively about the Campaign Finance Reform issue, which is the ONLY issue MayDayPac is committed to.

    Shaheen is also pro reform, so ALL pro reform advertising benefits her, even if only indirectly.

    If you bothered to check the facts, you would know Brown has a much better chance at getting elected then Rubens. Brown also has the deepest pockets supporting him. Rubens is the least funded GOP candidate and least likely to win according to the polls. A MayDayPac backed win for Rubens accomplishes exactly what MayDayPac hopes to, show the Beltway insiders reform IS an issue with the public.

    You consistently do your Daily KOS articles with extreme prejudice and little factual info, cherry picking only those sources that conform to your OPINIONS.

    It must feel great to think, in your own mind, how talented you see yourself at distorting facts and misleading readers who assume what you sell is gospel.

    I can see why you are against ending special interest propaganda, you are one of the contributors.

    •  My goodness. [nt] (2+ / 0-)
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