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  •  Healthcare costs aren't going to drop when the ... (4+ / 0-)

    Healthcare costs aren't going to drop when the law has been in effect for only four years and the major portion, the individual mandate, only 6 months.

    America spends something like 16% of GDP on healthcare annually, which was $3.3 Trillion (yes with a T) last year. How quickly does one expect a $3 trillion a year industry that has been lightly regulated on the federal level to improve cost-wise when just last year we had some 47 million uninsured and hundreds of billions of dollars of uncompensated care driving prices up for everyone else? Perhaps 5-10 years from now when the insured rate is in the high 80s or low 90s percentage wise, and some of the price control mechanisms and Medicare payment reforms actually shift the industry away from a fee for service model which actually rewards inefficient, duplicative, unnecessary encounters to one which pays for quality and encourages efficient, integrated care.

    The affordable part of the affordable care act is actually beginning to be realized as healthcare inflation has slowed dramatically, although it's debatable on how much of that is to a recessionary/recovering economy or the ACA. But insurance premiums won't drop until the cost of care is lowered.

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