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View Diary: Kings of the ashes: Republicans refuse to fight climate-fueled wildfires (20 comments)

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  •  I'm somewhat sympathetic, for different reasons (3+ / 0-)
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    RLMiller, happymisanthropy, chimene

    My personal sense is that there are areas of the country (and the world) that humans have moved into, that really should not be habitable for us due to the risk of wildfires, floods, or other disasters. I know the current policy is to fight all wildfires that threaten homes or other built structures -- but many of those should not have been built in the first place, as they disrupt delicate ecosystems and wildlife habitat.

    So allowing those areas to burn, and then not allowing rebuilding there (taking the land by eminent domain, probably, for wildlife preserves), could be the best long-term policy. And in the long run, we probably can't afford to compensate every current "owner" (occupant) of property that will become uninhabitable.

    The other option is to tell all the gun-toting states rights folks that sorry, this is a state responsibility, not a federal one.

    •  A policy of allowing uncontained and unabated (3+ / 0-)
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      RLMiller, grover, cany

      forest combustion in wildfires increases greenhouse gas emissions over a policy of containment and suppression, thus preserving forest biomass for carbon sequestration rather than oxidation to CO2.

    •  I have lived in my home which lies within the (1+ / 0-)
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      congressional boundary of the Cleveland National Forest for 30 years, in the same area for 40. My home, built 30 years after Teddy signed the forest into being, was built on privately held land back in 1939.

      PRIOR to that, the downtown cities absolutely devastated the conifer forest here to build city homes and businesses in Santa Ana, Orange and Anaheim. THAT happened in the 1800s. Fire--arson 99% of the time--comes along and further destroys it or prevents it from returning. Farmers in the 1800s and miners destroyed plenty.

      Almost all of my adult life I have lived here working to save, preserve and rehab important areas as have others.

      I moved into an EXISTING old house so I wouldn't have to contribute to more land being savaged. I have moved the foundation of my house twice (and will have to do it again) to save a giant live oak.

      I get really sick and tired of your attitude that those that live in hurricane, flooding or tornado areas don't have to move but I and others in fire areas do. You don't seem to understand the west at all and I seriously doubt you understand fire. Part of the reason we fight it is because fire frequency is so high now that the habitat CANNOT recover.

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      by cany on Mon Aug 04, 2014 at 05:41:26 PM PDT

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