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View Diary: Deadbeat rancher Cliven Bundy says God told him to fight a 'civil war' against federal government (156 comments)

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  •  Alas, Bundy is exactly the sort of "conservative" (16+ / 0-)

    pillar of the community that always gets away with this sort of thing. Ironically, it was the way the BLM favored exploitive local kingpins like him that made them the enemy for the environmentalist community. As soon as an attempt was made to make the BLM act for the citizens as a whole, the same characters who had been relying on the commons began crying about losing their rights because of the commies.

    As long as white haired, white skinned old men with paunches can say the words "Bible" and "Constitution" and make everyone run for the hills our democracy will be subverted by these old symbols of respectability. At the same time, cooler heads are hogtied because they understand that a blood bath is a bad thing.

    I'm not sure what to do, but I will say this. If it came down to shooting most of those guys would do their own running for the hills. In fact, just rumors of shootings flushed a lot of them out the first time. Alternatively, non-violent counter demonstrations with police or national guard protection might create the sort of incident where the a##holery of these reactionaries would smear a big load of s##t onto their defenders in the halls of Congress. If you're going to give your enemies rope, make sure it is enough for them to hang themselves.

    Cracker(krăk´ẽr ) Someone, usually but not exclusively white, whose world view is primarily formed by consensual validation as opposed to observed fact, hence “cracker” for someone brittle, insubstantial and lacking in nutritive value.

    by outis2 on Mon Aug 04, 2014 at 12:01:39 PM PDT

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