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  •  Sara and Ann, thank you! (10+ / 0-)

    My message for Edgery:

    "Listen to Tina the Cat when she tells you to accept love from someone who is paying forward the love and care you have for others. You're the only person I know who can love and care for others first and foremost when you're lying on a cement exhibit-hall floor whopping the hell out of an EMT and ordering people to make sure that conventioneers experience the best of the last day of NN14."

    I know it's a long message, but I don't know how else to encapsulate how brave and resilient and insanely thoughtful Edrie was that Saturday afternoon and is always. We could all see that it was hard for her to keep from passing out from the pain, yet the whole time she kept asking about other people, making sure her grandson was kept busy and away from the scene, telling Netroots Nation staff to remember this and don't forget that, encouraging volunteers to go and take part in the closing keynote event, fretting about the EMT she accidentally smacked in the head while her ankle was being splinted ...

    If you are Angela (MocaMobile), you are indeed an angel who provided absolutely the best care possible throughout the long wait for the ambulance; the ambulance paramedics were highly complimentary about everything you did (and didn't do), because you saved Edrie from further harm to her ankle during that long wait. I hope someone has been able to find you and thank you personally.

    The EMT who ran to help from the Detroit Fire Department's "Smoke House" exhibit was incredible, too. Mary Rickles from Netroots Nation was the one who sat next to Edrie for a very long time, calmly stroking Edrie's hair and wiping her forehead with a cool cloth, telling Edrie she was doing great while making sure others around the area were either doing something helpful or keeping others from closing in.

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    by MsSpentyouth on Mon Aug 04, 2014 at 12:09:51 PM PDT

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