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View Diary: CO-GOV/CO-SEN Gov Hickenlooper Makes a Deal with Rep. Polis; Seeks Dropping of 4 Ballot Measures (21 comments)

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  •  Are any of them filed? (4+ / 0-)

    Or are we "trusting the Oil and Gas Industry" again?

    We ALL know how trustworthy they are.

    Since when do we like Fracking?

    •  I don't know about whether that (2+ / 0-)
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      peacestpete, Mopshell

      industry ballot issue to keep municipalities from getting royalties was filed or not.  Today is the deadline and it isn't close of business in Colorado just yet and I don't have any links/info from any CO election officials to get that info on a timely basis....I just found out about the current story from doing a search since I know that today was the Colorado deadline for submitting ballot question petition signatures.

    •  Losty, Governor Hickenlooper used to be in the (5+ / 0-)

      oil and gas industry for a number of years prior to his becoming a restauranteur in Denver.  He still has very strong ties with them and has been derisively called "Frackenlooper".  These two sides have been fighting for a couple of years and the pro-fracking advertisements here on TV are already at a feverish pitch.  Mark Udall has been getting slammed by the pro-Keystone forces and his ads have been pushing about wind energy jobs in Colorado as a result of his policies.

      •  I don't understand the notion from some (5+ / 0-)

        Colorado Democrats and environmentalists out there that it is somehow a good idea to be bashing both Hickenlooper and Udall from the left over their environmental leadership.  

        I view this kind of thing as Democrats eating their own.

        Udall and Hickenlooper both have generally good environmental records, and Hickenlooper in particularly has taken the national lead on clamping down on oil/gas extraction industry air emissions.   I call that following in the footsteps of Senator Muskie and not an object for scorn.

    •  Only the Gov's pinkie swear. (0+ / 0-)

      They've had a Dem majority legislature for years and have done nothing. That same majority this past session refused to even fund a study of fracking's effects on our state. The much lauded special session that Hickenlooper tried for this early summer was scuttled because the oil & gas industry said 'no deal.'

      The Republican's/Oil & Gas industry ballot initiatives were filed this past Monday and as of this reading are moving full speed ahead. They know they have the Dem'majority support. Check out the state's severance fees!

      The only thing this blue ribbon panel will do is put more public money into well connected pockets. Someone has to cater all those meetings & pay those travel expenses.

      Amazing. Cuomo must be jealous of Hickenlooper's game.

      "Then why don't all girls belong to unions?" "Well, there's some that thinks it ain't fashionable; there's some that thinks it ain't no use; and there's some that never thinks at all."

      by Cadillac64 on Mon Aug 04, 2014 at 02:46:31 PM PDT

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