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View Diary: Democratic Rep. Jared Polis abandons effort to pass two anti-fracking ballot measures in Colorado (82 comments)

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    What you are saying is pretty different that what BN said.  This sounds like the deal was a net benefit, especially given the evisceration of local bans that would have been on the table

    •  The deal is a net benefit, without question. (3+ / 0-)
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      The deal means that Colorado Dems will not eat their own and be swept out of office, losing the Dem Senate, because of the inevitable wall of money that would opposed the measures.

      Polis' environmental rights measure is poorly written and does not recognize prior and historical legislating in this subject matter of public trust protection by the late Professor Joseph Sax...the godfather of public trust environmental law.

      Because it was poorly written, not enacting Polis' environmental rights measure isn't loosing much at all.  Everyone should understand here that Polis is an amateur when it comes to federal environmental law.....Polis is no Henry Waxman.

      Polis' other measure for a 2000 foot setback was going to get hammered by industry because it would foreclose substantial portions of the state from drilling operations.  I'm unaware of any other state in the country that has a setback requirement of 2000 ft or more, so this was expected to be a big target that the industry would fight hammer and tong on.

      With the deal Polis gets to keep the setback issue alive and to potentially get something greater than what presently exists but not the 2000 ft he sought.

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