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  •  I think we'll be pleasantly surprised. (4+ / 0-)
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    The anti- forces are really trapped like rats.  For one thing, federal marriage rights are a civil matter, so religion can't play into it.  For another, the argument about procreation can't be used or it would dissolve countless hetero marriages.

    I just don't see what kind of ammo they have besides "gays are icky" or "being gay is a choice" (false) so they can choose to be straight if they really want to get married.

    And given how many states have marriage in place now with zero complications to speak of, it would be insane---not to mention extremely cruel---to rule that all the same-sex marriages already performed have to be dissolved.

    Then again, the Supreme Court has spit out some pretty batshit logic on voting rights, corporations and women's issues, so....  We shall see.


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