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  • a scientist you should be able to cope (8+ / 0-)

    with the messy and the static.

    After all in the experiments and research you do, I assume you must eliminate such things as static and interference and otherwise filter information to obtain meaningful data and a higher self awareness of the things of importance in your studies.

    This is politics over here and by definition requires far more filtering of positions and meaningless "flak".. it is messier than science in general. Consider our Congress.

    So.. go ahead and cut and run cause of what you read in that diary..attempting to apply scientific discipline to a political web site is an exercise in futility. It is probably best that this is your last posting.. less frustration  for you personally. I would suggest given human nature as it applies to politics and so forth, that you are in the right field and I wish you the best on your journey into the depths of physics..

    too bad for us though, as you might have been able to provide meaningful insight on important matters, that many of us could have learned from after filtering out all the noise you refer to in your diary.

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