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View Diary: Will 2 hurricanes affect HI-Sen result? (13 comments)

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    Duke (I love the ITN and let's kill the gays in Uganda) Aiona is running for governor with an eye to establishing "The First Christian State"....or at least his very, very rightwing version of "Christian".

    (It was ITN who said that, not Duke himself.)

    And good ol' Mufi Hannemann is also running for Governor as a third party candidate.

    Current Governor Neil Abercrombie has pissed off so many Hawaii voters that polls have him losing to Democratic challenger, David Ige.

    David Ige (a Hanabusa supporter and part of that same conserva-dem Oahu political elite) hasn't been too forthcoming on his positions.  

    So people upset with Abercrombie are imbuing him with all kinds of not-Abercrombie positions without any evidence to back it up.

    However, Ige is a more humble man who does try for win-win solutions and after Abercrombie calling his key supporters names (e.g. environmentalists "Left-wing TeaParty") that may be enough to win it for Ige.

    Polls are showing that both Democratic candidates will lose to Duke Aiona.

    You would think that folks would have learned from the Linda Lingle administration (Aiona was her Lt. Gov) that it not really a good idea to elect Republicans to office.

    Abercrombie has spent 4 years getting the state out of the red after Lingle's looting, bad decisions, favors for friends and poor bookkeeping.

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