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  •  I really like this! (7+ / 0-)

    I can't wait to see what you do with the beautiful shadow/highlight and gingerbread details in this lovely house.

    Small paintings are lots of fun. I do a lot of little 5 x 7" oil paintings because in 30-60 minutes I can learn as much as I can from a much larger painting, at lower cost. And sometimes they really look great. It also encourages you to experiment with brushwork to get the painting to 'read' correctly despite the small size, while discouraging excessive fussy details, all good things.

    This week I've been working on a larger 12 x 24" panoramic oil painting on gessobord, starting with a stitched pano photograph I took a few years ago near Ithaca NY. The local streams were running full after days of rain, and the sun had just broken through the clouds to send shafts of light through the woods.

    I started by toning the board with some diluted transparent red oxide paint on a large brush:
    Autumn woods pano 1

    Next I added more shadow values for the forest floor, and wiped out where the stream will go with a rag dipped in Gamsol:
    Autumn woods pano 2

    Next I painted in most of the trees, along with some hints of background details and downed trees on the forest floor:
    Autumn woods pano 3

    This morning I refined the background, painted in a first pass on the stream, some rocks, and lastly some nice sunlit patches on some trees to provide some of the feeling of light streaming through the forest:
    Autumn woods pano 4

    This weekend I should be able to finish it. I'll be trying to refine the stream to make it look a bit more realistic, and I'll be working on the forest floor to get it to recede into the distance and to convey the impression of fallen leaves.

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