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View Diary: Cuomo's primary opponent addresses fracktovists (bigger update on fracking) (116 comments)

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    I have clean, cheap geothermal power from the Hellisheiði power plant. Thanks to fracking, they were able to turn a local geothermal hot water well from 4 liters per second into dozens, which means that my land is going to be getting endless, cheap, clean hot water for heating, showers, etc. People forget that fracking isn't just about oil and gas, and it's not just nameless, faceless people who benefit from it.

    Thanks for bringing up Gasland. It should be mentioned that when a second filmmaker, Phelim McAleer, asked Gasland's Fox about why he didn't mention in the film that in the same area where they light the guy's faucet that people have since pioneer days lit "burning springs", that the water in the area naturally has an abundance of methane that long predates fracking. Fox said he didn't think it was relevant. When McAleer put the video of the interview up on Youtube and Vimeo, Fox had his lawyers force Youtube and Vimeo to take it down with DMCA claims (McAleer eventually won and got the content reinstated).

    Honestly, I have trouble envisioning a more environmentally benign way to extract resources (of whatever type) than to drill down to them and remove them from deep underground with as little of a surface footprint as possible. When the very concept of doing that (regardless of what level of precautions are taken for fluids handling and the like) is fundamentally demonized, then what are we left with? I mean, are open pit mines preferable? Of course we need to regulate and tightly control all resource extraction technologies, but the degree that fracking has been demonized in general I think is just way overboard, and destructive to boot.

    The day I'll consider justice blind is the day that a rape defendant's claim of "She consented to the sex" is treated by the same legal standards as a robbery defendant's claim of "He consented to give me the money": as an affirmative defense.

    by Rei on Mon Aug 11, 2014 at 02:43:18 AM PDT

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