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View Diary: One Partisan Hack for Another (64 comments)

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  •  the guy is clearly partisan... (none)
    but that's not a legitimate reason to reject the guy.  Certainly, you wouldn't want a potential democratic nominee to be rejected because of ties to  Howard Dean, for example.  Unless there is some kind of smoking gun, I say give him tough questions and if he answers them properly, confirm him.  Take a step back and look at what we have to fight him with...nothing.  If filibustered, the next nominee won't be any better.

    What the Dem idiots should have done is stuck with the filibuster of Rogers-Brown and Owens--those two really were demonstrable extremists.

    •  where did I say it was grounds for rejection? (none)
      The campaign contributions simply support the claim that Roberts is a partisan. I think if you polled, most citizens would prefer that Justices were not partisans.


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