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View Diary: Ferguson Updates (Governor&Police Chief Pressers coming/everyone anxious about tonight) (273 comments)

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  •  City, County, and County Municipalities... (11+ / 0-)

    are all on the same radio net now.  An APCO P25-Phase II trunking system. Each agency has it's own frequencies, but they also have the unfortunately-named RIOT channels (Radio for Interagency Operations and Tactics) system they all use.  

    I just spent three days learning to program a Uniden scanner to pick these channels up, a task which I feel entitles me to a Master's Degree in radio systems engineering.  

    I had an analog scanner when I was a kid. My dad bought it for me at Radio Shack.  You plugged the fucking thing into the wall, and punched in a frequency from the sheet you got at the guy at Radio Shack and you were scanning. Now with digital trunking systems and the whole fucking county on one network with multiple control channels and stationary and mobile repeaters, it takes days to program the thing to make it work correctly.  

    I still think there are some errors in my programming.  When Listening to RIOT, I occasionally get what sounds like a dispatch frequency for a local 24-hour plumbing company.  LOL  


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