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View Diary: Rep. Hank Johnson to introduce bill to stop providing military equipment to local police forces (194 comments)

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  •  Here is the info from RJDixon74135's comment: (5+ / 0-)
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    Again, in Rialto, CA, police officers were (13+ / 0-)
    required to attach small cameras to the front of their shirts, about the size of a cell phone. Here's what happened:
    Rialto's randomised controlled study has seized attention because it offers scientific – and encouraging – findings: after cameras were introduced in February 2012, public complaints against officers plunged 88% compared with the previous 12 months. Officers' use of force fell by 60%.
    link at the Guardian
    This article was published in November, 2013. They've had plenty of time to implement the idea in your city. They've already done so, right?

    Guardian Article

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