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View Diary: Ferguson, Missouri: I think I felt the wind change... (319 comments)

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  •  Wish I had your (6+ / 0-) always feels like change in the beginning, but the country seems to drift back to the status quo, our collective motivation squashed. Seems like the squashing is done with politics mostly, it's very disheartening and I hope my gut is terribly wrong.

    •  Fundamentally, you can't escape human nature (2+ / 0-)
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      Dvalkure, mwm341

      We all carry evil with us, and good. Sexual selection for size, violence and power goes way deeper than being "human" or "mammals" or quadrapeds. There is good evidence that the altruism towards your "brothers" is part and parcel of the hatred towards your not-brothers. The question is, what is the role of government? How do you encourage what is "good" and discourage what is  "bad?"

      And you run smack-dab into concepts like, the American Century (20th) could never, ever have happened the way it did if we hadn't been systematically stealing the oil out from underneath Saudi Arabians the whole time, what do you think our economy would've done had we been paying three-to-five times the price for "our" gas?

      And the fundamental reason so many Europeans dislike us is that in BOTH WWI and WWII, we waited to enter them until Germany was absolutely whipped - and still made off with the lion's share of the spoils (read about the partitioning of the mid-east following WWI, for fun.) Did you know that for every American soldier who died in WWII - Russia lost 90 soldiers? Sure, we sacrificed - but all over there.  This is not easy stuff.

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