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  •  I'm sorry, but you're (0+ / 0-)

    Just factual wrong. I'm not going to defend the Chief because his response to this has been pretty dismal, but he has been consistent his clarifications are because people are misinterpreting what he has released or because of the piecemeal which he has released information have come up with incorrect conclusions.

    Additionally, the EMT responded within minutes, we know this because the prior call Officer Wilson was on was a sick call and thus an EMT unit was super close by. There was nothing for an EMT or a random nurse woman could do, because Mr. Brown was already dead. Painting the picture as though the police just let this kid bleed out in the street is inaccurate. He was shot dead by Officer Wilson, nobody not even the police are disputing the fact.

    My bigger point about the woman coming onto the scene was by the time she offered help, he was already dead. She would have only contaminated the scene with her presence. Additionally, cops just don't let random citizens onto a crime scene and likely had no way to know if she was really a nurse.

    Also, his body was taken away in a "meat wagon." So I'm not sure what your point  there is.

    Again, I'm not saying the shooting was justified. I don't know. The problem is everybody seems to think they know rather than objectively looking at what has so far been presented and the fact there there is still a lot we don't know.

    •  You seem to think that this shooting can be looked (0+ / 0-)

      at in clinical detachment by people who are not law enforcement professionals or acting in any publicly responsible capacity. Last week a young black man was shot down in a big box store for picking up a bb gun in a toy aisle. I can compare that to the white open carry nuts walking around in similar stores in armed mobs, menacing sane people without any harm coming to them. The indifference of the Ferguson police to this young mans life, and his families grief, reminds me of the cops indifference to finding out how Trayvon Martin got murdered. And on and on. The police in Ferguson do not deserve any benefit of doubt. None.

      It is clear that the police of Ferguson occupy the place, shoot the citizens and endanger them with reckless decisions so stupid that one can only draw the conclusion that the cops are baiting the community.

      Jackson could release a clarifying statement any time he wants. Run it by the departments lawyers and list important facts in chronological order and in such a way that Wilson's right to a fair internal hearing and possibly a trail would not be compromised and people would have information. Instead he seems to purposely confuse others, contradict himself, and force life threatening decisions on the people he is supposed to be protecting.

      You are right that the shooting wasn't justified but you are wrong in thinking I have any obligation not to condemn the shooting and the behavior of this murderous keystone cop operation. I'm not on a jury and won't be, so I'm going to shoot off my month with the abandon the Ferguson police dept. fires off tear gas, rubber bullets, smoke bombs and real bullets.  

      I'm waiting for the feds to weigh in. Nothing from the Ferguson PD or county DA will be worth a bucket of piss until it is backed up by the Justice Dept.

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