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View Diary: The White-Washing of a Police Murder has begun (259 comments)

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  •  On the rich island of martha's vineyard (11+ / 0-)

    every resident knows that rich kids steal cars and go joy riding. They cannot take the cars off the island though. So the cars are always recovered a few days later. Every cop who's from within that community knows this and they would never shoot to kill a kid found found driving a stolen car.

    Key being "cops from within that community".  
    The police force must reflect the community. Then kids would not be getting shot over a $50 cigar shop lifting incident.

    Now as for the shooting of a kid who is running away and shooting him after he put his hands up in the air its a good thing that the FBI is investigating this and not the local police. The cop in question will have a very difficult time explaining this to the FBI for the same reason the police chief was bashful about the number of shots discharged from the weapon.

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