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View Diary: Ferguson police muddy the legalities in the shooting of Michael Brown (129 comments)

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    Is this Photoshopped? Seriously (0+ / 0-)
    Does it say 11:53 in the first two frames then 11:59?
    If so at 11:53 the clerk looks scared enough to give him whatever based on size alone.
    They then stand in the same spots for 6 minutes?
    The lighting changes. And he has a gun pointed despite the fact that he is turned as if walking from the waste down. Then two seconds later the gun is gone and the clerk has moved away?
    Look at the clerks foot, his leaning back seems about identifical. They stayed in about the same pose and as he turned to leave pulled a gun out 6 minutes later?
    Whether  11:53 or 11:59. I cannot tell looks like 11:59 how could the clerk have telephoned police so that the officer knew at 12:01? Youare in shock call 911. You probably lock the door wait til they leave. How far was this away? Can you walk there in 2 minutes? in 9?
    How could they have a description in 2 minutes. If you just robbed a place 10 minutes ago would you walk in the street? Where did the gun go in that time?
    In the bottom left frame is that clerk standing now on 1 foot?
    I just especially if the top are 11:53 and the bottom 11::59 do not see how they stand in the same place for 6 minutes?
    This seems really implausible. It looks like photo-shop honestly.

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    by mrobinson on Fri Aug 15, 2014 at 10:22:38 AM PDT

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