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View Diary: Police shootings of unarmed black Americans: 'This pattern must stop.' (34 comments)

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    think it's counter productive to dwell or deny on the events in the store. Just accept it. For a lot of reasons, not the least of which it plays into the idea that only "good" people deserve not to be murdered. There seems to be little doubt he was gunned down with his hands up and we saw the crazed, inflammatory way in which over militarized police initially responded to the community. My advice is to stick with that.

    It doesn't matter how great a guy he was, it doesn't matter if he occasionally made a rash decision as kids that age do. The usual suspects will smear anyone anyway they can, Sandra Fluk, gay marine, disabled vets, refugee toddlers, facts be damned. Getting down into that latrine and fighting it out with those clowns is utterly pointless.

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