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View Diary: Captain Ron Johnson unhappy with Ferguson press conference (178 comments)

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    A metaphor - it's Captain Jackson's air space now.  It doesn't matter if there are 'military operations' going on, his job is to control that airspace.  That means keeping the peace and actually, you know, protecting the peaceful protestors.  If ANYBODY is making inflammatory comments, it's his job to tap that down.  Doesn't matter if it is protestor or a police chief.  I bet the police chief wishes now he could send his stormtroopers after the good captain.

    “Socialism never took root in America because the poor see themselves not as an exploited proletariat but as temporarily embarrassed millionaires.” - John Steinbeck (Disputed)

    by RichM on Fri Aug 15, 2014 at 12:24:03 PM PDT

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      "Evil is a lack of empathy, a total incapacity to feel with their fellow man." - Capt. Gilbert,Psychiatrist, at the end of Nuremberg trials.

      by 417els on Sat Aug 16, 2014 at 03:20:24 AM PDT

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