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View Diary: Chief Jackson contradicts Chief Jackson on details of robbery, shooting of unarmed teen (144 comments)

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  •  my husband how is a attorney & says (4+ / 0-)

    that unless a guns was involved this can not be considered a robbery. Beside in the video it looks like Brown reaches in his pocket for money and hands it across the counter & hand the cigars back to his friend. Then something happens to make Brown react. His friend puts something back on the counter before they leave. They start to exit the store & the owner confronts them & says something and the guy who is suppose to be Brown grabs the guy by shirt, then pushes & walks. The owner was nether strong armed or hurt. So do we really do not know if they took anything with them. There were people in the store who could be a witness to this.

    Why don't they have the cop in custody. I heard he skipped town.

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