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View Diary: The Time Robin Williams Royally Walloped Bush, McCain & Palin (Video) (39 comments)

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    Leslie Salzillo

    The reign, or the 'error' is over.

    Noooo!  Whoever transcribed that ruined the joke!  Robin said, "The reign of error is over"!  (A play on "Reign of Terror".)

    He is a 'comedy pinnate!'

    A 'pinnate' is a feather-like leaf. :)  The joke should be "He is a comedy piñata!"  One assumes because we'd like to hit him until the candy falls out.

    On an odd comedy note: the first bit of the intro from Cleese (the part that went "I just want to thank you all" etc.) was word-for-work the opening of a skit Eleanor Bron did in "Pleasure at Her Majesty's", a charity comedy show done by Monty Python and more than a dozen other amazing British comedians for Amnesty International back in the '70s.  Makes me wonder if he might not have been the one who wrote it for her.

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