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View Diary: SCOTUS: Actually, We've Already Won (350 comments)

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  •  yes, it's like (4.00)
    how you change your view of health after being diagnosed with a disease.  When the scan shows it hasn't spread to the next vital organ, you now call that 'good news'.  

    I see this as an expected disaster.  Being expected doesn't make it less disastrous; being disastrous doesn't shock me.  

    This guy's views need to be exploited and dissected to the nth degree, and Democrats need to paint a very clear picture of what a perfect world looks like to people like him, Scalia, Bush, etc., and ask, 'Is this the world you want your kids to live in?  A world with no workers rights or environmental protections, a world where what benefits the few the most prevails?"

    I don't think he deserves confirmation because his views are bad for America.  But that didn't stop Congress in the past from handing Bush whatever he wanted and I can't imagine why it will now.  But I am not going to pretend it's anything less than another horrendous step towards a far worse America.

    •  Being expected doesn't make it less disastrous (none)
      Absolutely.  The whole problem in a simple elegant phrase.

      First things first, but not necessarily in that order.

      by DCDemocrat on Wed Jul 20, 2005 at 08:42:47 AM PDT

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    •  asdf (none)
      I agree. Sugar coating this loss is it not going to give people back their rights when they lose it.

      May the Schwartz be with you!

      by FLS on Wed Jul 20, 2005 at 10:07:59 AM PDT

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    •  Yes (none)
      I was thinking (less eloquently than you) that we were expecting Attila the Hun but were relieved and surprised to "only" get Hannibal Lector.  A more entertaining dinner companion to be sure, but the end result may be the same.

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