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View Diary: SCOTUS: Actually, We've Already Won (350 comments)

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  •  agree, but (none)
    we've really got to play up how conservative this guy is to improve our position for a potential rehnquist replacement.

    if that slot opens up, we've got to be set up to say:
    "you already got your rehnquist-type justice - now it's time for an o'conner."

    "The best lack all conviction, while the worst are full of passionate intensity" -Yeats

    by jethropalerobber on Wed Jul 20, 2005 at 09:14:48 AM PDT

    •  WOW...... (none)
      ISN'T THE "WE'VE GOT TO PLAY UP" what the other side is doing.......I guess if we have to get messy you may be right. But ya know something, I bet we're better than that.

      If the Guy Roberts is a good candidate and he gets the nod then he earned it. If he's too far right the Senators have the tools to slow it all down.

      I know what you meant...and you meant well. But we should try our best not to become Karl Roves...lets beat him with being real people who don't like liar's and cheats like him. We can do it!

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