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  •  That's a little bit dishonest (none)
    Both you and I know that most lawyers don't do pro bono work. The numbers are horrible considering the billable hours requirements. Be honest with non lawyers about this. You are, and others, do it for the money. Simple as that.
    •  Don't we all? (none)
      You are, and others, do it for the money.

      We're all doing it for the money aren't we? I work with ERP software (SAP to be exact). Why? Because it pays. And what does getting paid allow me to do? Pay the bills for one thing, it also puts me in a position to support causes I really believe in.

       We're all capitalists, we live in the U.S. what choice do we have? If most lawyers don't do pro bono work, than it says something about the lawyers that DO.

      •  you make the wrong attribution regarding my (none)
        statement. It's not a judgement on making money. It simply means to be honest about it, and don't try to claim virtue where there is none.

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