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View Diary: SCOTUS: Actually, We've Already Won (350 comments)

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  •  Oh good god (none)
    Do you not realize they already know this line of attack?

    Look at the filibuster fight... The opposition to the female nominations was because we hated women.  The opposition to the hispanic nominations is because we hate minorities.

    You demand a woman... you are going to get Janice Brown.  guaranteed.

    This whole line of thinking has already become a parody of it's ownself.

    •  Yes, we should demand a woman (none)
      This is not a parody.  This is about fairness and common sense.

      If men were kept to 1/9 of jobs with greater pay and prestige they would protest mightily.

      We must demand that the GOP come forth with a female candidate.  We are on winning ground on this one, because we are replacing a woman.

      I am not asking to move forward with gender equity under Bush.  I am just asking to not go back.

      This is a winning issue.  Even if Roberts gets in, we have recaptured the "Dems are for women" position that is crucial to stopping Bush and the GOP's grabbing of the female vote.

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