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  •  fair enough (none)
    I see your point and, well, whatever. I suppose I agree. But THIS line:

    "I've represented (and continue to represent) major pharmaceutical manufacturers, insurance companies and the like. So, too, are many of the lawyers who write for this site. Unfortunately, that's what best pays the bills."

    I can't buy that. You choose to "represent" companies/industries known far and wide for screwing people and stomping on anyone who dares get in their way, and you justify it by saying "it pays the bills." Is this what the guy who builds bombs or manufactures napalm tells himself each night? What about the news anchor who gets on TV and knowingly lies to his audience? What about people like Karl Rove? It pays the bills.

    No offense, but this is a shite excuse for giving someone with a bad record a "pass," and an even worse excuse for standing up and defending horrible companies against the people's interests (as is often the case with the clients you defend I'm sure). Is there anything worth more than money anymore?

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