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  •  Actually two (none)
    Chicago, then Michigan.

    I know U of C was your school, and I loved the city but the school was in the deepest 1970s throes of becoming deeply reactionary.  And Harry Kalven had just died, which threw my principal reason for going there out the window. (Boy, doesn't that admission date me!)

    •  Understood (none)
      Which is not to say that it's still not more conservative than any other top twenty school (esp. among the student body), but at least it's got strong liberals as well.  Someone of the ones who were there during my tenure have moved on (Schulhofer, Lessig, Kagan), but they're still doing fine with Sunstein, Strauss and Alschuler among the anchors.

      "Any content-based regulation of the Internet, no matter how benign the purpose, could burn the global village to roast the pig." -- ACLU v Reno (E.D. Pa. 1996)

      by Adam B on Wed Jul 20, 2005 at 03:14:54 PM PDT

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