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  •  ok, funny story ... (0+ / 0-)

    ... about theft and vandalism:

    coming home early sunday morning from a night of drinking, my housemate and i, for drunken reasons that have long escaped me, decided to check out the street scene from the roof of the local mcdonald's, located in the shopping strip on the edge of campus of our big city college neighborhood.

    as we watched from just one story up the flow of vehicular and pedestrian traffic heading either home or to after-hours haunts, i noticed how fragile was the big neon "mcdonald's" sign in front of me, nothing but painted aluminum and glass. i remember muttering something like, "i wonder how easy taking this "d" off would be ...", and then, without further word, the two of us were wrenching the three-foot letter back and forth with a will. "snap, crackle, pop!" and suddenly the "d" came loose, killing the lights and sending a small shower of glass and a few loose screws down on the entrance. time to split!

    our activity hadn't gone unnoticed. a sole employee had come out back and watched us as we scrambled down with our loot, the way we came, using their large trash bin as a stepping stone. he was frozen. the look on his slackened face was sheer unadulterated "w ... t ... f ...?"

    "dude, this is not your problem," we assured him as we hit the ground, running. "this ain't your job!" "they're not paying you for this!"  he apparently agreed. the guy stood there mute like a statue, staring after us as we fled down the street.

    "we got the 'd'! we got the 'd'!" we sang like grade schoolers, as we high-fived and practically hopped and skipped the entire six blocks home. our trophy proudly went on the living room mantle. in the light of day it was actually quite ugly, a dull-brown slightly warped neon "d" that didn't light, but it sat on that shelf a number of years before we finally placed it out with trash the day i moved out.

    given the normally nimble presence of both campus and city police in the heart of that neighborhood, it's quite a miracle we encountered not one cop during that whole escapade.

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