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    For probably the first time in 600 years europe had peace, stability, and surplus population.  And the best thing they could come up with was to start what should rightly be called World War 0.
    And when has it ever been any different?

    I  blame the priesthoods.  They were always coming up with new ways to punish the commoners and make them miserable in this life.  To wit:  The priests decided that domesticated cats were of Satan, so they had them banned.  At which point, the rat population boomed, which brought about the Black Plague.

    Another example:  For thousands of years, farm workers had been throwing harvested wheat up in the air to allow the wind to separate the wheat grains from the chaff.  The priests decided that the wind was of Satan, so they banned this practice, which made harvesting wheat much more difficult and time-consuming, which lead, in some cases, to mass hunger or even starvation.

    Priesthoods have always controlled Cause and Effect, and he who rules Cause and Effect rules the world.

    "What are we afraid of, and why are we holding back, when nobody's gonna listen to this shit anyway?" -- magic mitch

    by oldmaestro on Sat Aug 16, 2014 at 10:40:57 AM PDT

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