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View Diary: Daily Kos Elections: Alaska primary and Virginia state Senate special election preview (8 comments)

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  •  I voted in favor of Ballot Measure 1 (3+ / 0-)
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    I am part of the demographic that are consistently under-represented in the polls. UAF has signs up everywhere reminding people to vote, and I hope we prove the pollsters wrong.

    If nothing else, a lot of people who really don't care are voting for it, and against the oil companies, because  they are sick to death of the No On 1 campaign commercials. I counted 15 yesterday, in two hours of watching TV, and Hulu has had one every commercial break for weeks.

    As a non-affiliated voter I had my choice of ballots, so I went ahead and voted for Joe Miller. Lots of cross-over voters this time. The nice young man who was doing the exit poll had on an oil company jacket, although his polo shirt just said "Political Research." He looked disappointed when he heard my husband and I had voted Yes on 1, and the five other people he talked to while we were there also had voted Yes. It may just be our library, but the homemade signs and radio interviews have been at least as effective at getting the Yes campaign's message out, without months of repetitive advertising.

    A professor pointed out last week that almost everyone in the commercials worked for oil companies or were from Anchorage. One of the other students pointed out that Lisa Murkowski was in one, and she lives in Virginia right now. Several people chuckled, and then said that you don't have to live in Alaska to be bought by oil companies. Another student commented that most Republicans have oil running through their veins. This is especially interesting because both of those students are currently interning for Republicans.

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