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View Diary: White? Check. Privileged? Check. So (now) what? (49 comments)

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  •  time of the Great Invitation (4+ / 0-)

    summed up as
    'this is the time of the Great Invitation to Awareness and Action' by Molly Sturges

    I found inspiration at a writers/thinkers institute called the  
     Sitka Symposium this year.
    Speakers and participants mentioned a plethora of actions and I've got a list going.  Maybe you'd like to consider some of these:

    create a food coop/ improve the public health of your community/ work for better funding of public schools - especially in Ferguson, MO/ teach financial basics to parents, workers, small business owners/ sponsor a refugee child/ mentor high schoolers/ endow a scholarship for college students/ teach at community college/ participate in large publc demonstrations/ mentor returning veterans/ report as a witness on any number of crises in our time/ tell the stories of your family/ tutor immigrants in literacy, citizenship preparation/ lure businesses that hire people to the depressed parts of your town, county, state/ serve at a soup kitchen/ go listen to your elders, even in assisted living facilities/ fight for more funding for community colleges (America's second chance)/ sponsor tickets to plays and concerts for people under the age of 30/ patronize businesses owned by people different than your family/

    I'm still thinking about Rankism by Robert Fuller, considering how to make democracy work, and trying to figure out how to leverage my training in education to relieve our children (6 and under to start with) from high-stakes, standardized testing.  

    "If I’m wanting what I don’t have, I’ve got to do what I ain’t done” from the song “First Light. by Grant Dermody 2010

    by RosyFinch on Sun Aug 17, 2014 at 02:10:09 PM PDT

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