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View Diary: White? Check. Privileged? Check. So (now) what? (49 comments)

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  •  So, let me salt the conversation at this point (1+ / 0-)
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    First, I have the impression (although maybe I'm wrong) that the majority of commenters here are white. In a way this is as it should be, since the problem of white privilege is a white problem (in the sense that whites created it and benefit every day from it). But I would certainly welcome more feedback from the black community, as well.

    Second, I find it interesting that no one has yet mentioned the elephant in the room: reparations. I'll stick my neck out here and take the first stab at it: I don't support the idea of reparations per se, first because it will never, ever fly (due to the argument "My people never had slaves," which, while quite beside the point, has an important element of truthiness to it anyway). And second, because to my ear at least it sounds awfully like "white man's burden"...which I think is the single greatest trap that must be avoided when thinking about how we can act to dismantle white privilege.

    That said, I do support reparations by any other name. As just one example: donating to foundations that help deserving black students into and through college (because I can't think of a single more effective means to begin to dismantle white privilege). Do we need new organizations here, or are existing ones, such as the United Negro College Fund, sufficient? I support UNCF and I'm pleased with their low ratio of administrative + fundraising expenses to program expenses (i.e., scholarships), although I will admit to being quite uncomfortable with their CEO's salary ($1.2 million according to Charity Navigator). I'm also uncomfortable with its apparent focus on black students (the cost of white privilege is shared by more than merely the black community). I'd welcome others' opinions here.

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