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  •  Yeah, I was part of a flurry of (14+ / 0-)

    really stupid things over a year or so, where every time a GOP "heavyweight" spoke about something as if they were an authority, Mother Nature took notice and slapped them. Hard.

    Click image to embiggen in another tab

    Jindal - "Something about volcano monitoring" - followed by the eruption of Mt. Redoubt

    Inhofe - "Climate change isn't real" - record drought and wildfires in his state

    Romney - "We don't need more teachers, fire fighters or police officers" - oblivious to Aurora shootings or Colorado wildfires

    Stu Shepard - "Pray for rain at the DNC" - followed by Hurricane Isaac crashing the RNC's party

    Rick Perry - "Pray for rain" prayerfest - followed immediately by the Tx wildfires increasing and spreading across the state with wild abandon...

    What a bunch of dangerous, delusional f_cks...

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