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  •  Monster: minute 2:08 on the "Rock me Mama" & (8+ / 0-)

    ..@ minute 42:24 (exactly 42:24) on the Solo Masterpiece Album (even better clarity), it's these ascending discoveries that Art Tatum does that are magic.

     It took me hours to figure out how he did this;

    While arpeggiating the chord (right hand) upwards he then tails/repeats the second to lowest but first note played by the right hand, with his left hand, making what Tatum does so miraculous, an ascending riff that also sounds like it is descending.

    Amazing artistry of and discovery of how to trompe l’oeil accept it's the ear he masterfully tricks.

      But minute 0:58 on Cherokee (actually in a lot of the songs) is why Oscar Peterson, Art Tatum and Errol Garner can stride so well, beyond raw skills  - that is - An easy major third over an octave or even a fourth over (with the 7th or the 5th in between  when they feel like it) with the left hand, just walking it up and down while the right hand can play the 7th-3rd-5th of the chord or the other jazz chords 3rd-7th-9th formation  or any combination & or melody and riffs.

    That wonderful major 3rd octave not just the easier ones like C to E; F to A; F# to B flat; G to B

    Yes every pianist wanting to play jazz should listen to all the masters, I call them the jazz monsters :)

    Thx Evolution - very cool

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