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  •  Cops are enmeshed in the culture of (10+ / 0-)

    obedience. The culture of obedience is abusive. So, in exchange for following the orders of superiors without question, cops get to exact obedience from the population subordinate to them (because unarmed). That's the core of "qualified immunity." That is, if (the qualification) they follow orders, either oral or in their manual, they escape blame for any consequence that results.
    Ideally, all their superiors, up to and including the commander in chief, would be following the Constitution and supporting laws, but that doesn't happen. Cops on the street don't know what the laws are. If their actions are challenged as illegal, their response is "tell it to the judge."
    It's hard to see the cops as victims of an abusive system, but that's what the culture of obedience is. "Protection" is a racket, whether it's employed by the Mafia or the cops. If the failure to comply results in hurt, that's extortion.

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