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    Put the name needing dirt in the diary title, surround it with all kinds of rumor, forget any need for facts, and forget innocence until guilt is proven -- there's just no time for that.

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      I used Darren Wilson's name in the title because he is the man who killed Michael Brown.

      The fact is that the Fergusson PD has an abysmal history of not recording non-fatal use-of-force incidents. Since the Chief of that department has claimed that Darren Wilson was a good cop with no disciplinary record it seems only fair to point out that they don't keep very good records.

      As for his guilt, there are multiple eye-witnesses who can testify to that. But UNTIL HE IS ARRESTED OR CHARGED it doesn't make much difference, does it?

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        You provide the Davis, policy, and perjury examples. Perhaps the Ferguson police do have a history of keeping crummy records, but I don't see how your three examples substantiate that.

        What's more you're applying your standard to individuals personal performance files. Should every single complaint against any given officer go into their file? I think not. Then complaint counts just become media, and diary, spin tools for people like you who are aching for a takedown. There should be a process for personal entries, and if applicable to Wilson, Ferguson may come up short on having a good process. I don't know that with regard to Wilson, and neither do you.

        Most importantly none of your examples apply to your topic, Officer Wilson. You're simply implying his record is not clean with nothing to show for it.



        I can't speak to witnesses fully, beyond Johnson whose statement to police did not include the robbery (based on only one read, and I need to do more).

        Maybe the arrest is overdue, but various agencies are involved now, and Wilson's not going anywhere. His arrest will be based on facts rather than spin.

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