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  •  As reprehensible as Israel's (6+ / 0-)

    actions have been, and as distasteful it is for progressives like us to watch their right-wing government in action, this story is way too muddied for Americans to jump onto one side over the other. Radical Islam is viewed by most as a real threat to humanist values, and Hamas - which at one point was elected by the Gazans themselves - is part of that world. If the Palestinians were merely a peaceful people looking for a homeland their story would be much more readily supported; but if their chosen type of government has the same values as the Islamic State movement - intolerance of non-Muslims and any Muslims who don't ascribe to certain Sunni practices, intolerance of adultery and homosexuality, the treatment of women as property, and the promise of endless jihad against the Jewish state - that muddies things up for everyone.

    •  Hamas threatens current Arab power structures. (0+ / 0-)
      The American Soufan intelligence research group, which is run by former members of the FBI, had a more clear explanation of the Arab attitudes towards the Israeli aggression on Gaza: "Israel's current battle against Hamas is part of a wider regional battle against the Muslim Brotherhood."
      The fears resulting from the Brotherhood's ascension to power have been flowing in from two different sources. The first is Israel whose fear of Arab democracy exceeds its fear of the groups affecting its own people. The second are the Arab regimes themselves who for decades have considered the Muslim Brotherhood a threat that is more dangerous than armed Sunni and Shia militant groups.
      The issue with Hamas is far more complicated that you portray it.
      •  they have it backwards (0+ / 0-)

        Which would be typical for (former) US intelligence/law enforcement types.

        The cycle of state vs insurgent violence should be well understood by everyone by now, but it seems nobody ever learns (or wants to learn): government oppresses a people (often an outside government, like the US), people support radical unsurgents because they are the only ones who can and will fight back, insurgents are labeled "terrorists" and used as excuse for more brutal repression. Lather, rinse, repeat. In the case of the ME, radical Islam has arisen in every case as a result of this process: Iran, Afghanistan, Iraq, Egypt, Palestine, etc, etc.

        At best, these repressive governments (including the US and Israel) are putting out fires of their own making, and I have zero sympathy for them, given the human misery they have deliberately created. The situation with Hamas is especially blatant, since it was fostered into relevance by Israel as a counterweight to the secular Fatah party. If Israel cared about peace, it would have figured out a way to work with its former enemy, but instead it created a new problem.

        "Tell the truth and run." -- Yugoslav proverb

        by quill on Mon Aug 18, 2014 at 08:56:14 AM PDT

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